Welcome to IDA 2012

The Eleventh International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA 2012) is held between 25th and 27th October, 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

When the IDA Symposium series started in 1995, it focussed on the problem of end-to-end intelligent support for data analysis. In 2010, the symposium re-focussed to support papers that go beyond established technology and offer genuinely novel and game-changing ideas, whilst not always being as fully realised as papers submitted to other conferences. IDA 2012 continues this approach and will include an important and still emerging class of problems: the analysis of data from networked digital information systems such as mobile devices, remote sensors, streaming applications (e.g. Twitter).

The symposium seeks first look papers that might elsewhere be considered preliminary, but contain potentially high impact research. The IDA Symposium, which is A-ranked according to ERA, is open to all kinds of modelling and analysis methods, irrespective of discipline. It is expected to be an interdisciplinary meeting that seeks abstractions that cut across domains. IDA 2012 welcomes papers that focus on dynamic and evolving data, models, and structures and the analysis of data from digital environments.

In line with the theme of IDA 2012, the IDA Frontier Prize will be awarded to the most visionary contribution. Submissions considered for this award must present novel and surprising approaches to data analysis. The award consists of a plaque and a prize of 1000 Euros.

News and updates will be posted on the IDA Twitter account @ida_news. Feel free to download the IDA 2012 flyer and pin it to your local bulletin board!

The organizers

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