Poster details

For your poster presentation you may prepare a poster up to size A0 (which is 84.1 x 118.9 cm). Leave some blank space on the upper right corner (we will place a sticker with a reference to the proceedings there).

Introduce your poster

There will be a spotlight session for poster presentations of accepted papers. The authors shall present the key results in two minutes time to attract the participants interest in their poster.

Due to time limitations of the poster session, the poster spotlight session does not include the PhD posters, but only regular submissions accepted as posters. Especially the authors of the PhD spotlight session are thus encouraged to submit a video or screencast of two minutes length which will be shown during the breaks. The best video presentation will be awarded a prize of 300 EUR. If you got your regular submission accepted as a poster (not for oral presentation) you may also go for the best video competition (that is, give the two-minute talk and submit a video).

Please make sure that your video

Contact us at for upload information. We may want to place some videos on the IDA webpage, so please inform us in case you do not agree with this kind of publication.

To create a short video you may use your digital camera on a tripod, your webcam while sitting in front of your computer, or you may record your desktop while showing a few slides (screencast). Please take into account that the video will be shown during the breaks at the conference (which is quite different from watching a YouTube video in your quiet office), so do not rely on the audio channel alone to transport your key message. Consider the option of a screencast.

Screencasts may be recorded with the software such as

You can also find 'how to' instructions and further infos quite easily: A tool for webcam recording is, amongst others, available here


The following videos were submitted to IDA 2012. Click on a video to start playing. Click on the upper right corner of a video to watch it in fullscreen mode. In case of a playback problem, try the direct links to the video files.

Iris Adae, Michael R. Berthold: Detecting Events in Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Winner of the IDA 2012 best video prize! Video file.

Prem Raj Adhikari, Jaakko Hollmén: Multiresolution Mixture Modelling by Merging of Mixture Components. Video file.

Doris Entner, Patrik O. Hoyer: Estimating a Causal Order among Groups of Variables in Linear Models. Video file.

Esther Galbrun, Pauli Miettinen: Siren: An Interactive Tool for Mining and Visualizing Geospatial Redescriptions. Video file.

Frank Klawonn, Nada Abidi, Evelin Berger, Lothar Jänsch: Curve Fitting for Short Time Series Data from High Throughput Experiments with Correction for Biological Variation. Video file.

Sebastian Peter, Frank Höppner, Michael R. Berthold: Learning Pattern Graphs for Multivariate Temporal Pattern Retrieval. Video file.

Alexander Semenov, Jari Veijalainen: Social Media Monitoring Software. Video file.

Hang Yang: Incremental Optimized Decision Tree for Big Data. Video file.